Spider mites

We just uploaded some videos that we finally pulled off our video camera. Spider mites, which we release predator mites to take care of. Think this worked really well, and to drive the mites from the plan, we used a simple house fan. We think by driving them further down, the predator mites where able to take over and fix our infestation issue. We will update this post with the release of our predator mites video, but for now, Heres what the 2 spotted... Read More

Floating fish, and falling leaves

So…finally having to deal with my first real problem with the fish. Problem #1) After some research sounds like they have some sort of bacterial infection. http://aquaponicscommunity.com/group/catfishgrowers/forum/topics/catfish-deaths http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Columnaris     Going to try to add more fish volume (bigger tank – 300 gal) http://www.tractorsupply.com/livestock/livestock-equipment/stock-tanks-accessories/stock-tanks/rubbermaid-reg-structural-foam-stock-tanks-300-gal-capacity-2229935 Also... Read More