System Test and micro nutrients

Going on our 4th year of aquaponics. After running all year, with minimal freezing, it was time to test the levels. Temp was cool in the mid to upper 60′s. Most aquaponic systems once established require very little maintenance.  This is our very first reading of 2013. This shows a 7.4 average reading for PH, 0-.10 for Ammonia, 0 Nitrite, and high Nitrate of close to 80ppm. Why are the other two not showing, but yet plenty of Nitrates?... Read More

Potassium Carbonate

Just got my order of potassium carbonate.  This is supposed to allow us to increase the Ph of our system, out of the 4 ~ 5 range. We tested by using tap 1 cup of tap water which has a Ph 7, then added 1 teaspoon to one cup, and another with 1 tablespoon to another cup.. We are trying to find the right balance, to increase.  Supposedly Potasium Carbonate, along with Calcium Carbonate work together to naturally increase the Ph.  In additional the... Read More