New Controller 2.0 coming on line.

It’s been a few months since our last post. It’s now middle of winter, and my prior arduino controller stopped working. So I decided to switch to Raspberry PI, where my IT background would be much better suited for. Here is screen shot of our main TV with the dashboard displaying  Read More

Live Feeds

We now have live feeds of the Greenhouse temp, and will be adding more sensors as time goes on. (day/night, pump status, fan status, water level, feed fish) Thanks to pachube, or now known as Cosm, We are able to stream over the network to the web various sensor readouts. This is going to be very helpful, as we can setup a 2nd network based arduino for “do things” based on various readings. For example, at the office have LED lights turn... Read More

New controller 1.8

Currently on revision 1.8 of our greenhouse and eventually aquaponics monitor and automation controller. We finally got our first shield done.. and its being put to test in our greenhouse/walk-in cold frame. The shield was created so there is no accidental pulling of wires.. which has happened alot. While we work on getting the stats online we can test this live.  Exciting day in aquaponics land Also took a video to explain a bit more.. and will... Read More

Greenhouse Controller 1.0

Update on controller Here is a new video and the schematics to understand the wiring mess.   And for those of you interested in all the wiring, here you go. Greenhouse Controller 0.1 On the bad side, I burnt or shorted out my second arduino controller.  I am going to replace the chip in the one and try to reprogram a surface mount with USBtinyISP from I have no idea what I am doing with this, but it sure is a fun learning experience.... Read More