Arduino automation time

Now that the greenhouse is mostly built… its time to watch and control. We are doing this via Arduino microcontrollers.  We have a prototype built last year.. and video is below. So.. time for phase II  Read More

Google Current Channel

That’s right, we now have a better way to view our content.. check out google current on your phones and tablets.  Read More

Catfish feeding video

We have new fish food from AquaticEco called AquaMax. It’s also been 4 days since we feed them, we ran out of food. They do get an occasional treat from time to time… worms from our kitchen scrap compost bin.      Read More

Controller update 1.9

So we have our first shield.  This means no more accidental wires coming undone while under testings. We have also since changed from analog LM335 to Dallas DS18B20 digital temp sensors. Just couldn’t get the voltage on the analog side to settle down enough. I am a bit new to all this circuitry stuff, but i am catching on fast. Going to be able to automate at least 95-97 of most processes.  Read More

Catfish feeding, 100 gal

Catfish feeding in 100 gallon Rubbermaid stock tank. Check out the large cat at 1:30.  Read More

Outdoor garden

Have a small clip of a video of our outdoor garden, before convering with a high hoop tunnel to extend the season. These plants (should be in photo album somewhere) grew up to the top of the 9′ greenhouse.  Read More

Spider mites

We just uploaded some videos that we finally pulled off our video camera. Spider mites, which we release predator mites to take care of. Think this worked really well, and to drive the mites from the plan, we used a simple house fan. We think by driving them further down, the predator mites where able to take over and fix our infestation issue. We will update this post with the release of our predator mites video, but for now, Heres what the 2 spotted... Read More

New controller 1.8

Currently on revision 1.8 of our greenhouse and eventually aquaponics monitor and automation controller. We finally got our first shield done.. and its being put to test in our greenhouse/walk-in cold frame. The shield was created so there is no accidental pulling of wires.. which has happened alot. While we work on getting the stats online we can test this live.  Exciting day in aquaponics land Also took a video to explain a bit more.. and will... Read More


Webcam or Fishcam.. depending on your view. We found an old webcam that has not been used since 2003.  We currently have it focused on one of our two growbeds.   At the bottom right, you can just  see the raft that we have floating on the fish tank. Note: You will need to open this link in Internet Explorer.  It will require ActiveX webcam player utility. Click here to see webcam …. I wish it was java based so it worked with the rest of... Read More