Controller Update 2013

We have been hard at work on the new controller. Sneak peak at the new controller coming on line. We currently manage and watch our aquaponics greenhouse.    Read More

System Test and micro nutrients

Going on our 4th year of aquaponics. After running all year, with minimal freezing, it was time to test the levels. Temp was cool in the mid to upper 60′s. Most aquaponic systems once established require very little maintenance.  This is our very first reading of 2013. This shows a 7.4 average reading for PH, 0-.10 for Ammonia, 0 Nitrite, and high Nitrate of close to 80ppm. Why are the other two not showing, but yet plenty of Nitrates?... Read More

Rising Temperatures

During cold and freezing the beneficial bacteria will die back, and not convert that much ammonia.  That’s okay, the fish stop eating below 50 or so degrees.  I couldn’t get them to eat until 55-60.  So having the system die back a little was okay. From Jan 13 2013 to April 14 2013 you can see an increase in fish tank tempature, as well as inside greenhouse temp.  After 4/14 I had some issues, and didn’t grab data.  The SD... Read More

Lotus Update

The lotus’ are growing, yaa hoo.  Out of 3 plants I got, only one is doing well… this one. Take a look. And yes there are mosquito fish in this tank as well.  Will post more on this fish later.      Read More

Raft System Completed

It’s official, the raft system is in. Just as the days are starting to get shorter by four minutes every day. Plumbing is hooked up and tested a few times.  Going to let it sit for a few days and cycle manually as to not shock the system and let the water dechlorinate. So far so good on the snug fit PVC.  Nothing is glued yet. Why? May replace all fittings for HDPE plumbing. In hind sight, should have lined bottom  and the PVC tube across... Read More

Fish tank #1 installed

The first IBC tank is in. Has a standard 4 outlet air pump from pet supply store.  And 4 air stones from aquatic supply. Fish may be added as soon as memorial day weekend.  Read More

Arduino automation time

Now that the greenhouse is mostly built… its time to watch and control. We are doing this via Arduino microcontrollers.  We have a prototype built last year.. and video is below. So.. time for phase II  Read More

Wow it hot!!!!

After the past few days of working in the greenhouse.. I decided to let it closed the first part of the morning.  This is around 11:30 in the morning.   Obviously I was worried about the thermometer breaking.. and cooking any of the soon to be inhabitants. So the next day this was installed.  Read More

And then, a day of painting

It was a busy last weekend buliding the ends, and painting. But they are done, and have a door way too. Few other images from before the ends were done.  You can see its open, and there are some feverfew, and horehound drying. But then forgot to cover them and it rained, so we had to recycle them. Did I  mentioned how super happy I am painting is done… ugg Enjoy. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float:... Read More

Friday progress & Neem Oil

Got our Neem Oil intoday, looking forward to getting ride of some pesky pests. Also took a picture of the current progress of the greenhouse.. this is end of the day Friday. Showing the start of yet another weekend work sprint.  Notice that the top bar is in, but only at a few places, and needs some work. Hope to have plastic, and possible ends on by Sunday. Yet another trip to the hardware store, oh, and to replace busted 1/4 drill bit that is used... Read More