System Test and micro nutrients

Going on our 4th year of aquaponics. After running all year, with minimal freezing, it was time to test the levels. Temp was cool in the mid to upper 60′s. Most aquaponic systems once established require very little maintenance.  This is our very first reading of 2013. This shows a 7.4 average reading for PH, 0-.10 for Ammonia, 0 Nitrite, and high Nitrate of close to 80ppm. Why are the other two not showing, but yet plenty of Nitrates?... Read More

New Controller 2.0 coming on line.

It’s been a few months since our last post. It’s now middle of winter, and my prior arduino controller stopped working. So I decided to switch to Raspberry PI, where my IT background would be much better suited for. Here is screen shot of our main TV with the dashboard displaying  Read More

Live Feeds

We now have live feeds of the Greenhouse temp, and will be adding more sensors as time goes on. (day/night, pump status, fan status, water level, feed fish) Thanks to pachube, or now known as Cosm, We are able to stream over the network to the web various sensor readouts. This is going to be very helpful, as we can setup a 2nd network based arduino for “do things” based on various readings. For example, at the office have LED lights turn... Read More

Lotus Update

The lotus’ are growing, yaa hoo.  Out of 3 plants I got, only one is doing well… this one. Take a look. And yes there are mosquito fish in this tank as well.  Will post more on this fish later.      Read More

Growing lotus

Growing lotus and got first flower…. ye ha. Growing so well.. that i am transplanting into a 300 gallon tank that I was going to return. Just have to wait overnight till the chlorine is bubbled out. Hope full able to over winter inside or in greenhouse. I so hope. Also added a pair of mosquito fish to Raft system. All standing water now has mosquito fish in the.. oh.. and transplanted my pleco algae eater to main tank.  Read More

Picking blueberries

No pesticides, no herbicides, just 100% blueberries.  Read More

Raft System Completed

It’s official, the raft system is in. Just as the days are starting to get shorter by four minutes every day. Plumbing is hooked up and tested a few times.  Going to let it sit for a few days and cycle manually as to not shock the system and let the water dechlorinate. So far so good on the snug fit PVC.  Nothing is glued yet. Why? May replace all fittings for HDPE plumbing. In hind sight, should have lined bottom  and the PVC tube across... Read More

Strawberry are in season

One of the nice thing with growning a small batch of berries at home is you can easily tell when they are in season. We decided to go pick our own, and preserve. 4 Gallons, 19lbs, for only $33.  AWESOME!!!! Next weekend will be Cherries, but until then enjoy some pics. Granted it’s not aquaponics, but still gardening/canning related #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align:... Read More


Still don’t see any skittles  Read More

New temp sensor

This new sensor was built on this past Sunday. It was way to hot to work in the greenhouse. The temp reading was around 5pm. This is using the Dallas DS18D20, and a 4 character 7 segment display. I’ll be able to add additional temp sensors on the same pin. The next step is to make this work via xbee, which will later be replaced by wiFly (wifi radio that fits in xbee Breakout. Tuesday.. in the greenhouse we got up to 106.6. Logs/charts will... Read More