New Controller and Dashboard

As stated in a prior post a new controller has been developed, this one based on Raspberry PI.

I have been asked, why not bridge the two (Arduino and raspberry pi).  The simple answer, is eventually.

With raspberry PI, there is a Linux operating system.  On Arduino, I have to code everything.  Each have their own benefits and disadvantages.  I’ll have to figure out how to talk to Raspberry pi over the network and then serial to the Arduino.  Right now, the GPIO ports are working fine.  I do see a day where more I/O ports are needed and will then connect the Raspberry PI to an Arduino, or a Mega that I already have in stock.

… the nice advantage to using raspberry PI, is it’s Linux.  And most of the libraries, and other apps are already available.  I just need to put the pieces of the puzzle together, no redoing the wheel.

Being Linux it’s a perfect platform to understand more about web services specifically JSON, and REST API’s, in addition refreshing Javascript, HTML, and CSS is also helpful.

Below is a screenshot using the following.

  • Google API for Gauge
  • for logging temps, and then JSON queries to grab stats for page
  • JSON calls for current outside temp, haven’t hooked up additional temp sensor yet for accurate outside readings.
  • WebioPi for accessing GPIO pins through browser (python based).
  • Foscam PTZ Camera  for viewing what’s going on.
  • Google+ for authentication (will be used to assign access to camera, and fan controls)
  • for web based development and testing
  • – Free private Git repos for tracking code changes, backing up code, and easy distribution
Greenhouse Dashboard

Aquaponic greenhouse dashboard.


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