Raft System Completed

It’s official, the raft system is in.

Just as the days are starting to get shorter by four minutes every day.

Plumbing is hooked up and tested a few times.  Going to let it sit for a few days and cycle manually as to not shock the system and let the water dechlorinate.


So far so good on the snug fit PVC.  Nothing is glued yet. Why? May replace all fittings for HDPE plumbing.

In hind sight, should have lined bottom  and the PVC tube across the floor that feeds the raft with 1/2 fan fold foam board, just in case.

But also thought that if I can heat properly using the sun, then it wouldn’t be needed.

Looks like I may explore the later.  I’m not taking out all those staples and looking for a reason to create free heat.

In the picture, the sheets of foam are to keep algae down while the rafts are created or introduced.

Wow, what a weekend!

Next up, android adk and arduino to controlled it all. Sensors just about done.


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