Scotty, Need more power!!!

An old quote, from a time since past (star trek, original series).

That’s right, decided to move the T5 lights, and put back in operation the Metal Halide light.  Currently using a 250W, that consumes about 300W of power.   It’s insane how much all this indoor Aquaponics take.   But it’s a piece of mind know what goes into our food, and ultimately into our bodies.

Right now we have the 2 lights, mentioned above.  A pump (20w) , and a small fan (5w).

This power seems a bit off, as when I checked today, it was over 600W in power consumption.  WOW. Oh.. I remember why.  I have a seed starter matt, and a water bed heater.  These are used to get the seeds to sprout.  It does help, just not sure how much.  Will need to do a side by side comparison.. once things are reorganize.

Current Power Usage.

Well that’s all I have for now.. more soon :)



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